Late Season Muzzleloader

RiverRat Outfitters Late Season Muzzleloader Hunts – Zone 9

Iowa's RiverRat Outfitters Monster Whitetail BucksIowa’s late muzzleloader season is normally 20 days long and lately it has been very cold, I will have with plenty of Rhinotm heated blinds.  The late muzzleloader season also runs through Christmas and if your wife will let ya you can hunt the whole 20 days if you want for the same price, a $1750 deposit is required with the $1750 balance due  upon arrival.  Personal checks are good for deposits only. At RiverRat Outfitters our rule is simple…hunt as long as your tag is valid.

You guys are the hard core hunters I like. Stalking food plots and water will be the game.  But if you don’t mind hunting with others we could do some drives also.

  • There is some good news 95% of all Iowa hunters are done.
  • There will  more than likely there will be a pile of snow making tracking your buck easy.
  • You will have a guide to help you out.
  • All of your meals will be included in the price of the hunt.
  • 7 days of hunting included.
  • Filling your doe tag will be very easy to do so wait until the end hunt to do so.
  • The bucks will be hiding everywhere you don’t want to walk so if you are out of shape, you won’t be when you leave.
  • I can pretty much hunt anywhere I want to this time of the season meaning if you see or spook a buck and he runs onto a different property, just let me know and we’ll go after him, after I get permission.
  • If you live close enough you are more than welcome to split your hunt up into different days at no extra charge.

Once again, If you want to bring along a young boy or girl under the age of 18, he or she can hunt for free unless they get a buck. If they shoot one of my trophy whitetails somehow its full price and I won’t take a check.  But if they shoot a doe while daddy is passing on the American heritage of hunting it’s on me.



Dave Gray


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